• Varied Color Options

    Choose from a range of colors including Green Lips, Green Feathers, Green Fawn, and More..

  • No wrist-twist

    Just place it on your bottle, push down, and voila! The cap pops off. The easy action ensures you can pop bottle after bottle without cramping up your wrist.

  • Seamless Cap Management

    The edge magnet design not only opens the cap with grace but also captures it simultaneously, preventing any unexpected splashes.

  • Stylish and Durable:

    Crafted from high-quality stainless steel and PP materials, this opener boasts a strong and sturdy build that's made to last.

  • Only the Best Materials

    The sleek aluminum and high-grade stainless steel mechanism can handle everyday use for a long time.

  • Gift for beer/soda lovers

    This bottle decapper is the ultimate stocking stuffer, housewarming gift, or party favor for anyone that loves their beers or sodas.

  • Hygienic Option

    Don’t want a bunch of hands touching your bottle opener or the mouth of your bottles? Switch to a Automatic Magnetic Bottle Opener!

  • Perfect for Parties

    Who knew this small gadget could turn a mundane activity into an act of fun? The Automatic Magnetic Bottle Opener has been known to single-handedly liven up a party.